SAVE THE STORY teaser from casaleganitos on Vimeo.

A vivid and animated storytelling with Ossian, a theatre collective who will introduce the stories of Antigone, Gulliver, Captain Nemo and Don Juan, inviting audiences to share there stories, to listen and to become storytellers themselves.

Pushkin Children's Books Save the Story project is a mission in book form: Saving great stories from oblivion by retelling them for a new, younger generation. Ossian, a collective of theatre professionals, has taken up the challenge and in vivid and animated hour-long storytelling will introduce their young audience to these classic stories as retold by great contemporary writers Ali Smith, Jonathan Coe, Dave Eggers and Alessandro Baricco.

Storyteller Woman Fiona Hampton
Storyteller Man Benjamin O'Mahony
Director Lesley Hutchison
Designer piss2mil
Film editor Alex Fry
Producer Rosamund Hutchison

Save the Story was presented in Hay Festival the 1st of June of 2014!

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